Ever watch Chevy Chase and the Famous Wally World episode? We have created it here —

Route 66 is infamous for yonder years of road trips. Many families have chartered their family wagons along the routes with singing, screaming, and bonding. Life in a car now becomes an adventure for the participants and the regular rules of life no longer apply as the fun begins.

Last week seven brave social souls chose, via Twitter, to partake in the same experience by meeting in Palm Springs, CA to embark on a momentous journey to the inaugural event for #QBConnect. The journey would be to mark the social venture and see if we could #Tweet, @Facebook, and @Instagram our way down the road.
What would transpire next would be an experience to behold.
Meeting colleagues in person you have certain expectations and uncertainties. All of the twitter peeps were just fantastic people but how would they hold up in an 8 hour car ride? The pre-evening follies consisted of decorating the vehicle then dinner so we could get to know each other a little bit better. Concerns of road trip music, making sure that the food were in order, luggage logistics, pit stops and of course the initial seating arrangements. Having worked out these issues our apprehensions were diminished and turned into actual excitement for the trip and for the QBConnect conference to come.

Travel day brought a photo op with a QBO Customer and coffee stop then we were San Jose bound. Initial bumps abound, tight squeezes in the luggage area, then music crew had a bit of difficulty getting the play lists to work. A pit stop was needed for hardware and to have a younger member of the team work on the logistics of the sound system.. Problem solved back on the road to San Jose.

Intuit was kind enough to supply us with challenges along the way. challenge #1 was to decorate the vehicle and provide copies of #ILoveQBO and #HonkIfYouLoveQBO so we could get participants from outside of the local coverage area. Needless to say there was just enough room for the front window only. Challenge #1 complete. We had six challenges in all to complete in the 8 hour car ride.


The next few challenges involved kazoos(look for the video) hand painted talking puppets

ongs being sung to the theme of “The Wheels on the Bus” (more funny videos),

The scene recreation of the Chevy Chase of Wally World.. Dare I say we did a FANTABULOS Job…. YES Clark.. We Made it to #QBConnect.

Handing out watches to mark the “Big Announcement at #QBConnect” then trying to locate little children to hand them out ..dare I say… “scary”.


In the middle of all of our challenges we had sponsors for our trip.. IPP (Intuit Potty Platform) sponsored our restroom breaks and #QBOChat sponsored our cup holders.

Trivia questions were available when we had internet or wi fi service to give out prizes.

Today’s society is always in a hurry to get to the destination. When a business trip is the reason for travel the option is almost always to get there quickly in order to maximize the networking, prepare for the meetings, or just finish up work. Recently a new term has come up that is appropriate FOMO, fear of missing out. The social opportunities are amass and let me tell you they were at every corner and on every floor at #QBConnect.

Taking a business road trip is the least likely way to reach your destination. However, after watching our videos you will learn something. We are all afraid of taking risks and our team did just that. We put ourselves out to learn more about each other in more than just 140 characters.


The lesson grew beyond the vehicle as well, passerby’s asked questions, became interested and wanted information. The Intuit community participated and tweeted, followed us, laughed with us and shared the experiences with us throughout the entire conference. The #QBConnectOrBust trip became not a destination but a journey that was shared and carried well beyond the four doors of the vehicle.

Thank you for those of you that went on the trip with us and followed us.

For those of you that didn’t, please look for all of our pictures, stories, and videos. We look forward to doing it again. And look for our trivia questions so that you can share in the memories that we had along the way.

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