the human factor

.Virtual, social medial, chat and emails. The way of the world is all in electronic communications. I am no different, I prefer to have a text message sent to my phone rather than a voice call.  When did it become so standard that we interact with our devices rather than each other,

I have a virtual accounting firm and now instead of  visiting clients daily I communicate via web, skype or email. I have days where I never leave the house and my only communication with a real person is only on a skype call.

I recently read an article that stated we are becoming a society of introverts that rely on electronic devices for our social interaction. The fear of going out to face individuals was becoming more prevalent as more and more individuals stay at home with less human interaction.

Human interaction is a much needed and craved skill in our society. I use Facebook and Twitter and I am actively involved in #QBOChat for my ring of  technology weekly gurus that bring me out at the electronic lunch time playground.  I enjoy this social venue so much that at the recent Scaling New Heights conference I arranged to meet several of my lunchtime pals.

One of the best things about SM is that you can get an image of an individual and you will probably never have that come true. However, my images were about to come to life at SNH. I had scheduled a dinner with my new found Tweets.

The power of SM had arranged a small but intimate dinner of six. Then rapidly expanded and grew our dinner to 14.  Nerves began to set in. Questions began to swirl, would they like me, how would I recognize them, what on earth could we possibly talk about?

Finally dinnertime, and I arrived with my group of twitter friends to meet their twitter friends. It was a flock to behold, birds all a twitter.  Everyone was so excited and chatty, finally meeting face to face like we were old friends.  None of us had used pictures from high school and we were instantly recognizable.

Success… The entire conference was using the app developed for #SNH and the advanced ProAdvisors took to it like ducks to water.  Pictures,tags, Hashtags and @ symbols flew for the next week. Selfies  bombarded the boards with the most famous one being Brad Smith and Joe Woodard. Great success.

The social medial era has arrived and  it was wildly used and celebrated. It was welcomed with open arms of friends catching up and talking shop. New friends meeting for the first time and learning through the wonder of Social Media.

The integration helped to bring a more cohesive relationship between the vendors and the proadvisors as well. Vendors that utilized the SM like TSheets, Funding Gates, Intuit and Tallie were instantly popular with the ProAdvisors. Their booths were flocked upon.

I am glad to know that the social media craze hasn’t taken and replaced the human interaction. I still enjoy a good old fashioned conversation. But the interactions of a conversation in a brief 140 characters cant be beat either.

Keep on tweeting and make new friends you never know where your next friend may come from in the world.




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