QB Third Party Software Integration

Do you remember the days of QuickBooks for DOS? If you do
then you might be from the “Old School” like I am.  We would never have dreamed of our QB being
the new sophisticated version that is out now… QB 2011.

Back in the day my DOS version would do the basics, write
checks, enter payables, invoice, track Accounts Receivable, reconcile and
produce incredible reports.  Now the QB
2011 has a virtual plethora of mind numbing reporting options for the end user
and features that have expanded on the “Old School” days.

However, Intuit recently won awards in 2010 at the Sleeter
convention for opening up its platform to allow third party applications to
integrate with QuickBooks.

Plenty of applications have been developed to work with QuickBooks;
you can access them via the link http://marketplace.intuit.com.  Some of the applications are free and some
have a charge associated with the them.
I have two applications that save time and are very user friendly for
both the administrator and the end user.

The first of my favorite applications happens to be one
called View my Paycheck.  The purpose of
the application is to allow the QuickBooks payroll user to gain access for
employees to their paystubs via the web. At the end of the year the employee
can also gain access to their W2 as well. The integration process is very easy
to set up through a wizard type setup. I was a little anxious about this but
the instructions were very clear and easy to follow.  One thing you want to do to make the process
quick is to make sure before you start that you gather all of the employee
email addresses and enter these into the employee templates. After you set it
up you are able to invite each employee to the application and add a personal
invitation to the website.  At that point
you are complete with the setup and the application is installed. From that
point on when the payroll is completed the employee gets an email notifying
them that their paycheck is available for view. The employee creates their own
login and password and maintains how they want to keep copies of their own
paycheck records.  The employer doesn’t
have to print out any type of record if the employee is on direct deposit.  With so many companies going green the
employees can opt in for no paper options and help with the green option in the
company. The price for this application… completely free.

My second favorite application is Expensify an application
that assists in the creation of expense reports.   The application allows you to sync your Quickbooks
data with the expense report application.
Most of my clients report that they still have their employees producing
hand written or excel expense reports. The bookkeeper then rekeys the handwritten
information back into Quickbooks and has to tie out the reports. Not only is
this duplication of time and effort but can cause errors in data entry. Via the
Intuit sync the application uses the QB chart of accounts from the company and
you set parameters for the credit cards and for the end users.  Once synced with your QB data file you can download
the credit card charges.  The software
downloads the charges into a dashboard for the user to code out the expenses.  Another feature I like about this application
is the fact that you can use it via your mobile phone or on your desktop. I
don’t have anyone that has used this portion of it yet but it looks simple
enough to code the expense on the fly.
Once the end user codes out the expense report then they email it out
for approval.  After the administrator
approves the expense report then the software downloads the expense report into
Quickbooks.  The expenses go directly
into the proper credit card register with the names, memos, and customers. The
application allows you to print out the PDF reports.  Expensify Saves time and energy by reducing
the duplication and reducing the potential errors.  The cost for this application is a mild
$10.00 per month for a single user.

I would have never dreamed in a million years that these
applications would be integrating with my beloved bookkeeping software to make
my life easier.  However, in the age of
technology moving at lightning speed we need to have our software work harder
for us rather than us working harder.  I
am very glad that Inuit understood the need to open its platform and expand the
capabilities to see beyond bookkeeping software and look into the future.


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