Technology makes the world go round!.. Or so it seems..

Today the world is spinning almost out of control, faster, faster.  Choices available everywhere you turn.

Books are even getting in on the software revolution and Kindles and the like are taking over for the paper counterparts.

Sometimes I wonder does it seem like we create technology to help us make life easier or does the technology make our life more difficult?  I have so many new pieces of software. Software to manage my time, my money, my expenses and my appointments.

The software integrates with my phone, my desktop, laptop now my IPad.

Does it end? Does it all Really Integrate? Where do I integrate?

I love software.. Don’t get me wrong.

Software has a warm, fuzzy feeling deep down inside for me. It reminds me of being a little kid on Christmas morning. The anticipation and the excitement of waiting to see what you will unwrap. Will you be overwhelmed with the leaps and bounds of what you have just seen performed in front of your eyes? Or will you be let down and confused because expectations were too high and the software fell flat in front of your rosy cheeks?

The software of today has to live up to hopes and dreams and futuristic goals that were once only seen on television and movies. The sky is the limit but we as people still need to maintain our ground. We need to know when to say enough and limit our technology to software that assists us and doesn’t intervene in our lives.

The software still needs us to feel that wonderful anticipation and excitement while integrating seamlessly into our lives.

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