Managing Users in QuickBooks Online

Managing Users in QuickBooks Online    A multi-user accounting application needs good tools for assigning access permissions. QuickBooks Online has it covered.   You trust your employees, or you wouldn’t have hired them. But you also have a grave responsibility to your customers and vendors: to keep their data safe, and to ensure that records … More Managing Users in QuickBooks Online

How QuickBooks Helps You Accelerate Receivables

Getting paid by your customers in a timely fashion is one of the biggest challenges of being a business owner. QuickBooks can help in several ways.   You’re meeting your sales goals. Keeping inventory balanced. Making sure that every billable hour gets invoiced. Taking advantage of vendor discounts. Basically, doing everything in your power to … More How QuickBooks Helps You Accelerate Receivables

Creating Reports in QuickBooks Online

Creating Reports in QuickBooks Online    Reports are the payoff for all of your hard work entering records and transactions. They can help you make better business decisions.   Now that you’ve been using QuickBooks Online for your company’s accounting, it’s probably unimaginable to think about going back to manual bookkeeping. Those file folders and … More Creating Reports in QuickBooks Online

Working With Your Accounts in QuickBooks Online

“Account” can mean more than one thing in QuickBooks Online. Here’s a look at its multiple concepts. Until you started doing your company’s accounting, the word “account” probably meant a checking or savings account at a bank or your identifying information at a place like a brokerage. In QuickBooks Online, “account” can mean the same … More Working With Your Accounts in QuickBooks Online

Getting Ready for Payroll in QuickBooks Online

If you’re planning to do your own payroll in QuickBooks Online, you’ll need lots of setup time – and perhaps our assistance. Payroll setup and processing is probably the most complex, challenging set of tasks you’ll encounter in QuickBooks Online. While all of the work you do on the site needs to be thorough and … More Getting Ready for Payroll in QuickBooks Online